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Product Encounter Artist
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Victory Unique

Cost Level

Doom Clue
Fight Health Evade
Damage Horror
Symbol Connects Shroud Clues
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The Librarian
3 5 2 2

You may take an additional action during your turn, which can only be used on Tome abilities.

effect: +0. If you succeed, draw 1 card for each Tome you control.

"I know of books so powerful, they can rewrite reality."

5 9

After Research Librarian enters play: Search your deck for a Tome asset and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

"There have been problems at the Orne Library, as we both know, given poor Armitage's condition, and the other, unrelated... incidents of a few years ago..."

1 1

You get +1 .

After you successfully investigate: Gain 1 resource.

"While I truly pray that this nightmare is just a singular abomination, I must admit that I am exhilarated by the possibility that this is but one speciment of a new genus!"

1 2

The Occult Professor

{Spaw} – Miskatonic University.

Spend 2 clues: Parley.. Add Peter Warren to the victory display.

A professor of the occult has bee reading
Strange books that relate to cannibalism.
Maybe he knows something we don't?

After you draw a card, discard that card and exhaust Dr. Henry Armitage: Gain 3 resources.

Armitage knew he would be meddling with terrible powers, yet saw that there was no other way to annul the deeper and more malign meddling which others had done before him.
–H. P. Lovecraft, "The Dunwich Horror"

2 2

The door leading into the Dormitories is locked. You cannot move into the Dormitories.

The red brick form of the west dormitory could be seen through the trees...
–Graham McNeill, Ghouls of the Miskatonic

Around the aged administration building, creepers of ivy climb from the ground in an effort to claim it. The old hall stands alone in an isolated section of the campus, apart from the day-to-day bustle of students.

The Night is Still Young

The door leading into the Faculty Offices is locked. You cannot move into the Faculty Offices.

You come to a locked door at the top of the stairs leading to the third floor of the administration building. Through its frosted window, you glimpse a shadow darting across the hall.

The door leading into the Alchemy Labs is locked. You cannot move into the Alchemy Labs.

A pungent stench rises from the laboratory downstairs. The silence of the hall is broken by the unmistakable hiss of a burner.

Revelation – Put "Jazz" Mulligan into play at your location.

While "Jazz" Mulligan is not controlled by a player, he gains: ": Parley.. Test (3). If successful, take control of 'Jazz' Mulligan."

While you control "Jazz" Mulligan, you ignore the text on each unrevealed Miskatonic location.

2 2

You get +1 .

After you defeat an enemy, exhaust Dr. Francis Morgan: Draw 1 card.

4 1