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Product Encounter Artist
Card Type Class Symbol Deck Type Subtype
Trait Keyword Skill Icon Asset Slot
Victory Unique

Cost Level

Doom Clue
Fight Health Evade
Damage Horror
Symbol Connects Shroud Clues
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John Dee Translation

Revelation – Put The Necronomicon into play in your threat area, with 3 horror on it. It cannot leave play while it has 1 or more horror on it.

Treat each you reveal on a chaos token as a .

: Move 1 horror from The Necronomicon to Daisy Walker. Then, if The Necronomicon has no horror on it, discard it.

Exhaust Old Book of Lore: Choose an investigator at your location. That investigator searches the top 3 cards of his or her deck for a card, draws it, and shuffles the remaining cards into his or her deck.

: Choose an investigator at your location and test (2). If you succeed, heal 1 damage from that investigator. If you fail, deal 1 damage to that investigator.

Exhaust Encyclopedia: Choose an investigator at your location. That investigator gets +2 to a skill of your choice until the end of the phase.

It's supposed to be comprehensive, but the more I search through its pages, the more I realize we know nothing about the real truths of the cosmos.

You have 1 additional arcane slot.

Exhaust Book of Shadows: Add 1 charge to a Spell asset you control.