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A Storm on Cobas Haven

Adventure Pack MEC52 15 September 2016
Card List
Na'asiyah(Hero)x1 Rune-master(Attachment)x3 Terrible to Behold(Event)x3 Veteran Sword-elf(Ally)x3 Vigilant Guard(Attachment)x3 Knife-work(Event)x3 Linhir Sea-captain(Ally)x3 Windfola(Attachment)x3 Ioreth(Ally)x3 The Houses of Healing(Event)x3 Justice Shall Be Done(Event)x3 Outmaneuver the Enemy(Quest)x1 Battle in the Bay(Quest)x1 Break Through the Fleet!(Quest)x1 Dol Amroth Warship(Ship-Objective)x2 Raider Flagship(Ship-Enemy)x1 Corsair Skirmisher(Ship-Enemy)x2 Siege Ship(Ship-Enemy)x3 Heavy Cruiser(Ship-Enemy)x1 Coast of Anfalas(Location)x3 Belfalas Islet(Location)x2 Cobas Haven(Location)x2 Ramming Speed!(Treachery)x2 Taking on Water(Treachery)x2 The Raiders' Assault(Treachery)x2 Sea-ward Tower(Objective)x1 Tower of the Gull(Objective)x1 The Beacon(Objective)x1 Tower of the Heron(Objective)x1
A Storm on Cobas Haven