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Conflict at the Carrock

Adventure Pack MEC03 10 August 2011
Card List
Frodo Baggins(Hero)x1 Dúnedain Warning(Attachment)x3 Second Breakfast(Event)x3 Beorning Beekeeper(Ally)x3 Born Aloft(Attachment)x3 Éomund(Ally)x3 Nor am I a Stranger(Attachment)x3 Longbeard Map-Maker(Ally)x3 A Burning Brand(Attachment)x3 Song of Wisdom(Attachment)x3 Grimbeorn's Quest(Quest)x1 Against the Trolls(Quest)x1 Grimbeorn the Old(Objective-Ally)x1 Louis(Enemy)x1 Morris(Enemy)x1 Stuart(Enemy)x1 Rupert(Enemy)x1 Muck Adder(Enemy)x4 The Carrock(Location)x1 River Langflood(Location)x4 Bee Pastures(Location)x3 Oak-wood Grove(Location)x3 A Frightened Beast(Treachery)x3 Sacked!(Treachery)x5 Roasted Slowly(Treachery)x2
Conflict at the Carrock