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Fire in the Night

Adventure Pack MEC68 11 December 2018
Card List
Thranduil(Hero)x1 The Elvenking(Attachment)x3 Orcrist(Attachment)x3 Forest Road Traveler(Ally)x3 Leather Boots(Attachment)x3 Giant Bear(Ally)x3 Outmatched(Attachment)x3 Galion(Ally)x3 Quicker Than Sight(Event)x3 Thalion(Ally)x3 Draw Her Fire(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Fortify the Defense(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Rally the Woodmen(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Douse the Flames(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Hold the Door(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Defend the Town(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Rout the Goblins(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Face the Dragon(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Dagnir(Enemy)x1 Dragon's Thrall(Enemy)x3 Orc of the Flame(Enemy)x4 Town Gate(Location)x2 Wooden Palisade(Location)x3 Burning Watchtower(Location)x3 Powerful in Wrath(Treachery)x2 The Dragon's Fury(Treachery)x3 Bright Flames(Treachery)x2 Hrogar's Hill(Quest)x1
Fire in the Night