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Roam Across Rhovanion

Adventure Pack MEC67 30 August 2018
Card List
Haldan(Hero)x1 Wiglaf(Ally)x3 Ancestral Armor(Attachment)x3 Glamdring(Attachment)x3 Woodmen's Path(Attachment)x3 Meneldor(Ally)x3 Flight of the Eagles(Event)x3 Wild Stallion(Ally)x3 South Away!(Event)x3 Eagle of the North(Ally)x3 Durin's Key(Objective)x1 Urdug's Horn(Objective)x1 Grey Mountain Giant(Enemy)x2 Hunting Eagle(Enemy)x3 Wilderland Bear(Enemy)x2 Grey Moorland(Location)x2 Deep Ravine(Location)x3 Slopes of Ered Mithrin(Location)x3 Sneaking Off(Treachery)x3 Harsh Weather(Treachery)x3 Wild Creatures(Treachery)x2 The Goblin's Task(Quest)x1 Rescue Tiny(Quest)x1 Retrieve Urdug's Horn(Quest)x1 Find Durin's Key(Quest)x1 Urdug's Gambit(Quest)x1 Urdug(Objective-Ally)x1 Urdug(Enemy)x1 Tiny(Objective-Ally)x1 Tiny(Enemy)x1
Roam Across Rhovanion