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Shadow and Flame

Adventure Pack MEC14 08 August 2012
Card List
Elrond(Hero)x1 We Are Not Idle(Event)x3 Hardy Leadership(Attachment)x3 Hands Upon the Bow(Event)x3 A Elbereth! Gilthoniel!(Event)x3 Miruvor(Attachment)x3 Master of the Forge(Ally)x3 Peace, and Thought(Event)x3 Risk Some Light(Event)x3 Vilya(Attachment)x3 Nearing the Gate(Quest)x1 The Rear Guard(Quest)x1 Last Lord of Moria(Quest)x1 Dark Pit(Location)x1 Second Hall(Location)x1 Second Deep(Location)x3 Fires in the Deep(Treachery)x2 Counter-Spell(Treachery)x3 Inner Flame(Treachery)x3 Inner Shadow(Treachery)x3 Whip Lash(Treachery)x2 Leaping Flame(Treachery)x3 Durin's Bane(Enemy)x1 Ranging Goblin(Enemy)x3 Fiery Sword(Treachery)x2 Many Thonged Whip(Treachery)x2
Shadow and Flame