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The Black Serpent

Adventure Pack MEC59 01 July 2017
Card List
Fastred(Hero)x1 Song of Hope(Attachment)x3 Burst into Song(Event)x3 Defender of Cair Andros(Ally)x3 Oath of Eorl(Event)x3 Fearless Scout(Attachment)x3 Rally the West(Player Side Quest)x3 Dúnedain Pipe(Attachment)x3 Old Toby(Event)x3 Southron Refugee(Ally)x3 Banner of the Serpent(Objective)x1 The Serpent's Garb(Objective)x1 Summons from Mordor(Objective)x1 The Black Serpent(Enemy)x1 Serpent Guard(Enemy)x4 The Serpent's Redoubt(Location)x2 Roofless Tower(Location)x2 Desert Bastion(Location)x3 Southron Camp(Location)x3 Broken Courtyard(Location)x3 Bold and Grim(Treachery)x3 No Quarter(Treachery)x2 Chaos in the Night(Treachery)x2 Don't Let Them Escape!(Encounter Side Quest)x1 The Crossroads Fort(Quest)x1 Battle in the Camp(Quest)x1 Defeat the Serpent(Quest)x1
The Black Serpent