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The Blood of Gondor

Adventure Pack MEC22 17 October 2013
Card List
Caldara(Hero)x1 Squire of the Citadel(Ally)x3 Tome of Atanatar(Attachment)x3 Guthlaf(Ally)x3 The Hammer-stroke(Event)x3 Emery(Ally)x3 Children of the Sea(Event)x3 Anborn(Ally)x3 Poisoned Stakes(Attachment)x3 Well-Equipped(Event)x3 The Ambush(Quest)x1 Captured!(Quest)x1 Black Númenorean(Enemy)x1 Orc Ambusher(Enemy)x4 Brutal Uruk(Enemy)x3 Evil Crow(Enemy)x2 The Cross-roads(Location)x1 Southern Road(Location)x1 Western Road(Location)x1 Northern Road(Location)x1 Eastern Road(Location)x1 The Dark Woods(Location)x4 Lying in Wait(Treachery)x4 Mordor Looms(Treachery)x3 Conflict at the Crossroads(Treachery)x2 Faramir(Objective-Ally)x1 Lord Alcaron(Objective-Ally)x1
The Blood of Gondor