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The Crossings of Poros

Adventure Pack MEC61 01 February 2018
Card List
Quickbeam(Hero)x1 Halfast Gamgee(Ally)x3 Bulwark of the West(Event)x3 Beorning Guardian(Ally)x3 Followed(Attachment)x3 Flight to the Sea(Event)x3 Emyn Arnen Ranger(Ally)x3 The Dam Bursts(Event)x3 Magic Ring(Attachment)x3 Wind from the Sea(Event)x3 Poros Garrison(Objective-Ally)x1 The Black Serpent(Enemy)x1 Southron Outrider(Enemy)x2 Uruk Prowler(Enemy)x2 Desert Warg(Enemy)x2 Desolate Land(Location)x3 Harondor Waste(Location)x4 Danger Close Behind(Treachery)x2 Foothills of Mordor(Location)x3 Shadowy Vale(Location)x2 Mountains of Shadow(Treachery)x2 Find a Way Down(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Flight to Gondor(Quest)x1 The Desert Path(Quest)x1 The Ephel Dúath(Quest)x1 Deadly Creatures(Quest)x1 Southron Pursuit(Quest)x1 Orc Patrols(Quest)x1 Battle at the Crossings(Quest)x1
The Crossings of Poros