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The Hobbit: On the Doorstep

Saga Expansion MEC24 22 February 2013
Card List
Bilbo Baggins(Hero)x1 Balin(Hero)x1 Bard the Bowman(Hero)x1 Óin(Hero)x1 Bombur(Hero)x1 Glóin(Ally)x3 Bifur(Ally)x3 Dwalin(Ally)x3 Straight Shot(Event)x3 Desperate Alliance(Event)x3 Ravens of the Mountain(Event)x3 To me! O my kinsfolk!(Event)x3 The Lucky Number(Event)x3 Great Yew Bow(Attachment)x3 Black Arrow(Attachment)x3 Thrór's Key(Attachment)x3 Expert Treasure-hunter(Attachment)x3 King Under the Mountain(Attachment)x3 Bilbo's Magic Ring(Treasure)x1 The Arkenstone(Treasure)x1 Mithril Shirt(Treasure)x1 Thrór's Battle Axe(Treasure)x1 Thrór's Hunting Bow(Treasure)x1 Thrór's Golden Cup(Treasure)x1 The Spider's Glade(Location)x1 Giant Web(Location)x4 Forest Stream(Location)x2 Old Tomnoddy(Enemy)x3 Crazy Cob(Enemy)x3 Lazy Lob(Enemy)x3 Fat Spider(Enemy)x4 Wicked Spider(Enemy)x5 Caught in Webs(Treachery)x2 Poisoned by Spiders(Treachery)x2 Hidden Path(Location)x3 Dark Bats(Enemy)x3 Fighting Among Friends(Treachery)x2 Weighed Down(Treachery)x2 A Bare Patch(Objective)x1 Smaug the Golden(Enemy)x1 Smaug the Magnificent(Enemy)x1 Croaking Crows(Enemy)x3 The Lonely Mountain(Location)x1 Great Hall(Location)x3 Secret Entrance(Location)x2 Desolation of Smaug(Location)x3 Western Slopes(Location)x3 Pretending to Sleep(Treachery)x3 Known to an Ounce(Treachery)x2 Belching Fire(Treachery)x4 Dragon-Spell(Treachery)x2 Misty Mountain Eagle(Objective-Ally)x1 Bolg(Enemy)x1 Bodyguard of Bolg(Enemy)x4 Gundabad Wolf Rider(Enemy)x3 Gundabad Climber(Enemy)x4 Vanguard of Bolg(Enemy)x4 Gundabad Archer(Enemy)x2 Ravenous Warg(Enemy)x3 Northern Slopes(Location)x3 Ruins of Dale(Location)x1 Ravenhill(Location)x1 The Front Gate(Location)x1 Hatred Rekindled(Treachery)x2 Goblins are Upon You!(Treachery)x2 Heedless of Order(Treachery)x2 Into Mirkwood(Quest)x1 Lost in the Dark(Quest)x1 Captured by Spiders(Quest)x1 Battle with the Spiders(Quest)x1 A Warm Welcome(Quest)x1 The Burglar's Turn(Quest)x1 Inside Information(Quest)x1 Thieves! Fire! Murder!(Quest)x1 The Gathering of the Clouds(Quest)x1 The Eastern Spur(Quest)x1 Battle in the Dale(Quest)x1 The Defense of Ravenhill(Quest)x1 The Clouds Burst(Quest)x1
Flies and Spiders The Lonely Mountain The Battle of Five Armies