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The Hunt for Gollum

Adventure Pack MEC02 21 July 2011
Card List
Bilbo Baggins(Hero)x1 Dúnedain Mark(Attachment)x3 Campfire Tales(Event)x3 Winged Guardian(Ally)x3 The Eagles Are Coming!(Event)x3 Westfold Horse-Breaker(Ally)x3 Mustering the Rohirrim(Event)x3 Rivendell Minstrel(Ally)x3 Strider's Path(Event)x3 Song of Kings(Attachment)x3 The Hunt Begins(Quest)x1 A New Terror Abroad(Quest)x1 On the Trail(Quest)x1 Signs of Gollum(Objective)x4 The Old Ford(Location)x2 The Eaves of Mirkwood(Location)x3 River Ninglor(Location)x2 The East Bank(Location)x2 The West Bank(Location)x2 Goblintown Scavengers(Enemy)x2 Hunters from Mordor(Enemy)x5 False Lead(Treachery)x2 Flooding(Treachery)x2 Old Wives' Tales(Treachery)x3
The Hunt for Gollum