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The Road Darkens Nightmare

Nightmare Expansion MEN20 01 March 2016
Card List
The Ring Goes South Nightmare(Setup)x1 Pale-green Tentacle(Enemy)x4 Hunting Hawk(Enemy)x2 Misty Mountain Warg(Enemy)x3 Expanse of Hollin(Location)x3 Slopes of Hithaeglir(Location)x3 Hunted in Hollin(Treachery)x2 Shelterless Land(Treachery)x2 Journey in the Dark Nightmare(Setup)x1 Slab-bearer(Enemy)x2 Zirakzigil Archer(Enemy)x4 Glowing Fissure(Location)x3 Darkened Mine(Location)x3 Fiery Whip(Treachery)x1 Flaming Sword(Treachery)x1 Very Weary(Treachery)x3 Cut Off(Treachery)x2 Breaking of the Fellowship Nightmare(Setup)x1 Isengard Archer(Enemy)x3 Isengard Tracker(Enemy)x4 Langflood River(Location)x3 Western Emyn Muil(Location)x3 Arrows in the Night(Treachery)x2 Hunting the Ring(Treachery)x2 Discord and Distrust(Treachery)x2