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The Thing in the Depths

Adventure Pack MEC49 01 June 2016
Card List
Lanwyn(Hero)x1 Eldahir(Ally)x3 Captain's Wisdom(Event)x3 Master Ironsmith(Ally)x3 Raiment of War(Attachment)x3 Sam Gamgee(Ally)x3 Elevenses(Event)x3 Mirkwood Explorer(Ally)x3 Guarded Ceaselessly(Attachment)x3 Take the Ship!(Quest)x1 Change of Plans(Quest)x1 Defend the Ship!(Quest)x1 Helm of the Stormcaller(Location)x1 Forecastle Deck(Location)x2 Weather Deck(Location)x2 Cargo Hold(Location)x2 Crew Quarters(Location)x2 Quarter Deck(Location)x2 Hold Steady!(Treachery)x2 The Thing in the Depths(Enemy)x1 Eye of the Beast(Enemy)x2 Thrashing Arm(Enemy)x2 Crushing Arm(Enemy)x3 Grasping Arm(Enemy)x3 Giant Arm(Enemy)x3 From the Depths(Treachery)x3 Lashing Tentacles(Treachery)x2
The Thing in the Depths