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The Wastes of Eriador

Adventure Pack MEC39 02 July 2015
Card List
Merry(Hero)x1 Ingold(Ally)x3 Rallying Cry(Event)x3 Honour Guard(Ally)x3 Raven-winged Helm(Attachment)x3 Curious Brandybuck(Ally)x3 Hobbit Pony(Attachment)x3 East Road Ranger(Ally)x3 Scout Ahead(Player Side Quest)x3 Ranger of Cardolan(Ally)x3 Daybreak(Objective)x1 Nightfall(Objective)x1 Across the Wastes(Quest)x1 Howling at Night(Quest)x1 Battle with the Pack(Quest)x1 Amarthiúl(Objective-Ally)x1 Pack Leader(Enemy)x1 Northern Warg(Enemy)x4 Blood-thirsty Warg(Enemy)x2 Hunting Pack(Enemy)x2 White Warg(Enemy)x3 Wolf of Angmar(Enemy)x3 Eriador Wastes(Location)x2 Warg's Den(Location)x2 North Downs(Location)x3 Sudden Darkness(Treachery)x2 Predatory Wolves(Treachery)x3
The Wastes of Eriador