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The Watcher in the Water

Adventure Pack MEC11 25 April 2012
Card List
Aragorn(Hero)x1 Grave Cairn(Event)x3 Sword that was Broken(Attachment)x3 Watcher of the Bruinen(Ally)x3 Rivendell Bow(Attachment)x3 Arwen Undómiel(Ally)x3 Elrond's Counsel(Event)x3 Short Cut(Event)x3 Legacy of Durin(Attachment)x3 Resourceful(Attachment)x3 To the West-door(Quest)x1 The Seething Lake(Quest)x1 Doors of Durin(Location)x1 Stair Falls(Location)x1 Perilous Swamp(Location)x2 Makeshift Passage(Location)x2 Stagnant Creek(Location)x3 Ill Purpose(Treachery)x1 Disturbed Waters(Treachery)x3 The Watcher(Enemy)x1 Grasping Tentacle(Enemy)x4 Thrashing Tentacle(Enemy)x4 Striking Tentacle(Enemy)x4 Wrapped!(Treachery)x4
The Watcher in the Water