A City in Turmoil
A Shadow in the East#77 (x1)
1A-B (5)
Setup: Set each plot objective and each Cultist enemy aside, out of play. Each player searches the encounter deck for a different location and adds it to the staging area. One of those locations must be Side Street. Shuffle the encounter deck.

A shadow hangs over the capital of Dorwinion. Fear grips the heart of the city on the Sea of Rhûn. People have been disappearing, and it is rumored that a cult of Sauron worshippers are responsible.
Forced: After the active location leaves play as an explored location, place 1 resource here.

This stage cannot be defeated unless there are at least 2 resources here.

The people you came to help beg you to uncover the truth of these rumors and rescue their lost loved ones if you can.