A Presence in the Dark
Khazad-dûm#69 (x1)
1A-B (-)

You have discovered the fate of the Dwarven colony, and seek to leave Moria. But exiting may not be as simple as entering...

Setup: Prepare the quest deck. Add The Nameless Fear to the staging area. Remove all copies of A Foe Beyond from the encounter deck. Then, shuffle 1 copy of A Foe Beyond per player back into the encounter deck.

As you leave the Seventh Level, the air grows thick and drums begin to roll from the deeps. A man-shape shadow, yet greater, masses at the end of the hall, and begins to head straight for you.

When Revealed: Reveal 1 encounter card per player, and add it to the staging area. Then, add A Presence in the Dark to your victory display.