Ambush the Men of Harad
The Land of Shadow #68 (x1)
1A-B (20)

"These cursed Southrons come now marching up the ancient roads to swell the hosts of the Dark Tower. Yea, up the very roads that craft of Gondor made." -Mablung, The Two Towers

Setup: Add The Black Gate and The Cross-roads to the staging area. Shuffle the Harad encounter set and place it facedown under The Cross-roads. Each player, except for the first player, searches the encounter deck for a different non-unique location and adds it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

Forced: At the beginning of the quest phase, reveal the top facedown card from under The Cross-roads and add it to the staging area.

The players cannot defeat this stage while The Cross-roads is in play. When The Cross-roads is explored, the players win the game.

"The road may pass, but they shall not!"
—Mablung, The Two Towers