An Evil Place
Under the Ash Mountains#107 (x1)
2A-B (25)
When Revealed: Search the encounter deck and discard pile for an encounter side quest and reveal it. Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and discard cards from the top until X enemies are discarded, where X is the number of players. Add each enemy discarded this way to the staging area.

Hope and supplies begin to run low the longer you wander through the oppresive dark of Torch Gordor. You need to find the exit before it's too late.
Event cards cannot shuffle cards from a player's discard pile into his deck.

Forced: At the end of the round, each player discards X cards from the top of his deck, where X is 1 more than the number of quest cards in play. If a player has no cards left in his deck, he is eliminated from the game.

If the player defeat this stage, they win the game.