An Unexpected Party
The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill#23 (x1)
1A-B (7)
Setup: Remove and shuffle the 7 Sack cards into a Sack deck and set it aside face down. Remove the 3 Troll enemies and the Troll Cave from the encounter deck and set them aside out of play. Then, shuffle the encounter deck. Each player reveals 1 card from the top of the encounter deck and adds it to the staging area.

The wizard Gandalf has chosen Bilbo Baggins to join Thorin and company on their quest to the Lonley Mountain.
At first they had passed through hobbit-lands, a wild respectable country inhabited by decent folk, with good roads, an inn or two, and now and then, a dwarf or a farmer ambling by on business. Then they came to lands where people spoke strangely, and sang songs Bilbo had never heard before. - The Hobbit.