Ancient Evils Disturbed
The Ruins of Belegost#2 (x1)
2A-B (9)

When Revealed: Add Lurker of the Depths to the staging area.

As you explore the partially flooded ruins of Belegost, you feel something wet and leathery brush past your leg. The sound of thrashing water echoes from somewhere in the darkness ahead of you, when suddenly a horde of slimy, black tentacles strike at you!

The players cannot advance unless they control at least 2 Loot objectives and Lurker of the Depths is in the victory display.

Forced: When this stage is defeated, if Book of Aulë's Children is attached to a hero, advance to stage 3C. Otherwise, advance to stage 3A.

Some hideous creature of a forgotten age attacks your party. You must defeat it if you hope to leave Belegost alive.