Attack on Pelargir
The Flame of the West#69 (x1)
1A-B (20)
Setup: Add The Corsair Fleet (Corsair side faceup) and Great Corsair Ship to the staging area. Each player searches the encounter deck for a Ship location and adds it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

"There at Pelargir lay the main fleet of Umbar, fifty great ships and smaller vessels beyond count. Many of those that we pursued had reached the havens before us..."
-Gimli, The Return of the King
Each Ship location in the staging area is immune to player card effects.

The players cannot defeat this stage while Great Corsair Ship is in play. When this stage is defeated, the players win the game.

"But the Haradrim, being now driven to the brink, turned at bay, and they were fierce in despair; and they laughed when the looked on us, for they were a great army still." -Gimli, The Return of the King