Battle for Dunland
The Antlered Crown#147 (x1)
1A-B (10)

Setup: The first player takes control of Chief Turch. Set Raven Chief and Raven Chief%27s Camp aside, out of play. Reveal 1 copy of Dunland Battlefield and make it the active location. Reveal 1 copy of Raven War-camp and add it to the staging area. Create the Raven deck (see insert) and set it next to the quest deck. Each player chooses 1 different enemy from the Raven deck and adds it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck and Raven deck.

On your return journey to Isengard, you find war in Dunland. The Raven Clan has refused the Boar's claim to The Antlered Crown, and chief Turch asks you to join his Clan as they march to battle. Seeing an opportunity to earn Saruman the friendship of a unified Dunland, you agree to join forces and fight...

Time 3.

Forced: After the last time counter is removed from this stage, remove 1 time counter from each location in play. Place 3 time counters on this stage.