Change of Plans
The Thing in the Depths #40 (x1)
2A-B (0)

Sahír and Na'asiyah prove to be worthy adversaries, but before you can finish the fight, the entire ship starts to shudder and shake violently. The battle stops as both parties look about, startled. All of a sudden, tentacle arms burst forth from all around the Stormcaller, grabbing a hold of the deck and the masts, punching through the hull of the ship. Deadly, spiked arms lash about at friend and foe alike, and the entire ship creaks, slowly crushed by the arms of a giant sea–beast. The Corsairs lock eyes with you, and you nod in a silent truce.

When Revealed: Flip Captain Sahír and Na'asiyah to their objective sides, removing all tokens from them. Search the encounter deck, discard pile and all play areas for each encounter card from the Corsair Raiders encounter set and remove each of those cards from the game. Add The Thing in the Depths to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter discard pile and the set aside The Thing in the Depths encounter set into the encounter deck. Advance to stage 3.