Drive them Away
Children of Eorl #86 (x1)

1A-B (-)

Along the Great West Road, you come upon a Rohirrim camp in the shadow of the green, bald beacon hill of Erelas. But the quiet of your journey is interrupted by a sudden attack from the shadows! The clash of steel and the cries of men soon reach your ears. You must drive them away and free the camp from further destruction!

Setup: Set Brigand Ringleader aside, out of play. Add Plundered Goods to the staging area. Each player searches the encounter deck for a different enemy and adds it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

Forced: After an enemy is destroyed, place 1 resource token here.

Encounter Action: Remove 5 progress from this stage to choose a card in a loot pile and discard it. Limit once per round per player.

The players cannot advance unless there are X resource tokens on this stage, where X is equal to 1, plus 2Per Player (2 per player).