Escape into the Jungle
The Sands of Harad#74 (x1)
4A-B (15)
When Revealed: Add Uruk Chieftain to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and reveal 1 encounter card per player.

The Orcs run rampant through the Haradrim boma. Amidst the chaos, you see an opportunity to escape but a large Uruk chieftain bars your way. You will have to defeat the chieftain in order to get past him.
Uruk Chieftain cannot take non-combat damage.

Each non-unique Orc enemy gets -10 engagement cost.

Forced: After Uruk Chieftain engages a player, it makes an immediate attack.

The players cannot defeat this stage while Uruk Chieftain is in play. If the players defeat this stage, they win the game.