Exploring Gundabad
The Great Worm
Mount Gundabad#142 (x1)
2A-H (-)
When Revealed: Return Dagnir to the staging area.

If Exploring Gundabad is the current main quest, do not flip it over until the beginning of the quest phase.

The interior of Gundabad is dark and vast. Only by exploring the mines can you find your way.
Dagnir gets -5 engagement cost for each character the first player controls.

Response: After a player resolve an attack against Dagnir, if Dagnir has no hit points remaining, that player may discard a Reforged Wormsbane he controls to add Dagnir to the victory display. Then, the players win the game.

At the end of the combat phase, if there are 4 or fewer quests in the victory display, the players must bypass this stage.