Exploring Gundabad
The Great Worm
Mount Gundabad #142 (x1)

2A-H (-)

The interior of Gundabad is dark and vast. Only by exploring the mines can you find your way.

When Revealed: Return Dagnir to the staging area.

If Exploring Gundabad is the current main quest, do not flip it over until the beginning of the quest phase.

Dagnir gets -5 engagement cost for each character the first player controls.

Response: After a player resolve an attack against Dagnir, if Dagnir has no hit points remaining, that player may discard a Reforged Wormsbane he controls to add Dagnir to the victory display. Then, the players win the game.

At the end of the combat phase, if there are 4 or fewer quests in the victory display, the players must bypass this stage.