Gornákh's Dungeons
Escape from Mount Gram #39 (x4)
2A-B (-)

Alone and without your equipment, you steel yourself and being to search for your companions and belongings.

Capture 7.

When Revealed: Search the encounter deck for 1 copy of Prison Cell, reveal it, and add it to your staging area. Then capture an additional 2 cards from the top of your captured deck underneath that copy of Prison Cell.

Capture 7.

Any time players would place progress on this quest, resuce an equal number of captured cards at random from underneath it instead. (Progress is placed on the active location before triggering this effect.)

Forced: If there are no captured cards underneath Gornákh's Dungeons, join another player at the beginning of the travel phase. If you cannot join another player, all players advance to stage 3A together.