Grimbeorn's Quest
Conflict at the Carrock#35 (x1)
1A-B (7)

Setup: Add The Carrock to the staging area. Remove 4 unique Troll cards and 4 copies of the %27Sacked!%27 card from the encounter deck and set them aside, out of play. Then shuffle 1 'Sacked!' card per player back into the encounter deck.

While searching for Gollum in the Anduin valley, you recieve word that a group of Trolls have come to the Carrock.

Forced: After placing the 7th progress token on Grimbeorn's Quest, The Carrock becomes the active location. Discard the previous active location from play.

As this area is under the watch of the Beornings, you seek out their leader, Grimbeorn the Old, and discover he has already set out in a rage. You follow, hoping to find him before he confronts the Trolls.