Hunting of the Wolf
First Age#161 (x1)

When a character takes Corruption , place a progress token on it. If a character ever has Corruption greater than its willpower, it has become Corrupted. A Corrupted character loses the 'ally' or 'here' trait and gains the 'enemy' trait, immediately engaging the player that used to control it. The of the Corrupted character becomes its and its engagement cost is 0.


An enemy with Relentless cannot have its attack canceled or be prevented from attacking by any player card effect.

Carcharoth Deck

During the quest phase, reveal the top card of the Carcharoth deck after characters have commited to the quest and before staging. Place this card in the staging area and discard any previous copies of Carcharoth into a separate discard pile for the Carcharoth deck. Transfer any damage and attachments to the new version of Carcharoth. If the Carcharoth deck is empty when you need to reveal a card from this deck, shuffle the discard pile for the Carcharoth deck to form a new Carcharoth deck.


When a location with the Hunt keyword is explored as the active location, add it to the victory display. During the encounter phase, players may discard 5 Hunt points worth of locations from the victory display to engage Carcharoth. The players may decide which player will engage with Carcharoth.

Carcharoth Combat

When Carcharoth attacks a location, subtract the threat of the location from Carcharoth's attack. The difference is the number of damage tokens placed on the location. If a location receives damage equal to its quest points, it is considered to be destroyed and is discarded. If Carcharoth attacks the active location, the first player may declare a defender. Note that Carcharoth the Red Maw attacks twice during the combat phase. Choose a random location for each attack. He may attack the same location twice if it is chosen twice.