Journey Along the Anduin
Mirkwood Paths - Part 2
Revised Core Set #130 (x1)


You are playing Campaign Mode.

Setup: Put Mendor into play. Set each copy of Valor and Scarred aside, out of play.

Response: After a Hill Troll is defeated, each player attaches 1 set-side copy of Valor to a hero they control, if able.

Forced: After a character is destroyed by a Hill Troll, each player attaches 1 set-aside copy of Scarred to a hero they control. (Limit once per game.)

If Mendor leaves play, the players lose the game.

Resolution: Add each copy of Valor and Scarred in play to the Campaign Pool. Record the names of the heroes with Valor and/or Scarred attached in the notes section of the Campaign Log and attach them to those heroes when setting up each subsequent scenario in this campaign.

The hero with the most damage will be taken prisoner at the beginning of Escape from Dol Guldur (in case of a tie, randomly select among the heroes with the most damage.) Record the name of the “prisoner” in the notes section of the Campaign Log.

“Our pursuers were too persistent and their ambush too well planned to be mere coincidence,” says Mendor after finally reaching the shores of Lórien. “I fear a greater evil directs them from the shadows.”