Journey in the Dark
The Lord of the Rings Part 5
The Road Darkens#39 (x1)
You are playing in Campaign Mode.

Setup: Shuffle the burder treachery cards Pursued by the Enemy and Shadow of Fear , into the encounter deck. Add the burden objective cards Grievous Wound and Overcome by Grief to the staging area.

"Well, well!" said the wizard. "The passage is blocked behind us now and there is only one way out - on the other side of the mountains." -The Fellowship of the Ring

Resolution: The first player must choose one of the burden treachery cards (Pursued by the Enemy or Shadow of Fear), and one of the burden objective cards (Grievous Wound or Overcome by Grief) and add to the Campaign Pool. If The Balrog is still in play, the first player must choose all 4 burden cards instead. The chosen burdens have been earned by the players.

They ran on. The light grew before them; great shafts pierced the roof. They ran swifter. They passed into a hall, bright with daylight from its high windows in the east. They fled across it. Through its huge broken doors they passed, and suddenly before them the Great Gates opened, an arch of blazing light. –The Fellowship of the Ring