Lost in the Swanfleet
Creatures of a Forgotten Age
The Nîn-in-Eilph#100 (x1)
3A-B (16)

When Revealed: Raise each player's threat by 1. Add Ancient Marsh-dweller to the staging area (from out of play or engaged with a player) and heal all damage from it.

Lost as you are, your presence in the marsh has not gone unnoticed. An ancient and foul swamp creature stalks your company...

Time 3.

Forced: After the last time counter is removed from this stage, advance to a different stage 3A at random. Return this stage to the quest deck.

Each enemy in the staging area gets -20 engagement cost.

As if the swamp itself was not bad enough, its foul denizens swarm around you, their serpentine forms slithering through the murky water that rises to your waist...