Murder at the Prancing Pony Scenario Rules 2-3
Murder at the Prancing Pony #0 (x1)

Scenario Rules

Investigation Deck

Begin the game by following the Setup instructions on stage 1A. When the players are instructed to "build the investigation deck," do the following: Take the 4 remaining Suspect enemies and 4 remaining Hideout locations, plus each copy of Taken By Surprise, and shuffle them together without looking at them. This is the Investigation deck.
The players are not allowed to look at cards in the Investigation deck except when resolving the Investigation keyword or instructed by a card effect.

The Investigation List

The Investigation List on page 5 of the rules has the name of all 5 Suspect enemies and all 5 Hideout locations. During the game, players should check enemies and locations off of their Investigation list in order to help them determine the correct Suspect and Hideout by process of elimination.

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Investigate X

Investigate is a new keyword the represents the heroes' efforts to solve the crime. When an active location with the Investigate keyword is explored, the first player shuffles the Investigation deck and looks at the top X cards. Then, he placed those cards back on top of the Investigation deck in the same order.

While the players are at stage 2B, the Investigate keyword on the active location is resolved before the second Forced effect on that stage.

Immune to Player Card Effects

Cards with the text "Immune to player card effects" ignore the effects of all player cards. Additionally, cards that are immune to player card effects cannot be chosen as targets of player card effects.

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