Out of the Dungeons
Core Set #125 (x1)
3A-B (7)

Following a thread of sunlight, you discover a cavern opening leading out through the side of the hill. Stationed outside the cave–mouth, however, is a large group of Orcs.

Forced: At the beginning of each quest phase, each player places the top card of his deck, face down in front of him as if it just engaged him from the staging area. These cards are called "Orc Guard" and act as enemies with: 1 hit point, 1 Attack and 1 Defense

Players cannot defeat this stage while Nazgûl of Dol Guldur is in play. If this stage is defeated and Nazgûl of Dol Guldur is not in play, the players have won the game.

Illus. Kaya Errata
Alternate Victory Medium

If a facedown Orc Guard would be returned to the staging area, it is instead placed in its owner’s discard pile.