Preparing for Battle
Trial Upon the Marches#212 (x1)
1A-B (-)
While the Girdle of Melian has long protected Doriath, the marches are a contested region where the Elven-warriors of Thingol wage unceasing war against the Orcs of Morgoth. Since the disatrous Battle of Unnumbered Tears, the noose grows ever tighter. Every year, the Orcs grow more bold and seize upon any opportunity to waylay those who find themselves without guard or aid. Thingol has tasked you with joining the march-wardens of Doriath. It is here where you will prove your mettle by standing against those who would seek the destruction of Menegroth and all that is fair and light...
When Revealed: Set the Unscated, Deeds of Daring, and Mighty in Arms objectives aside, out of play. Set Azrat, Weapon of Morgoth, and all copies of Orc Raiding Party aside, out of play. Each player searches the top 10 cards of his deck for an attachment and places it faceup, if able. The first player chooses one faceup attachment and attaches it to an eligible hero. Shuffle all other faceup attachments back into their respective decks. Then, advance to a random stage 2A.