Racing North
Race Across Harad#52 (x1)
2C-D (15)
When Revealed: If the players have already defeated stage 2B, discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until an Orc enemy is discarded. Add that enemy to the Orc's area.

The Wargs have caught the scent and they race north with the Orc riders on their backs.
While the players are at stage 3B, Uruk Chieftain cannot leave the Orc's area.

Forced: At the end of the quest phase, return Uruk Chieftain to the Orc’s area and discard the top card of the encounter deck. Place X progress on this stage, where X is the discarded card's plus the total in the Orc's area.

If you are at stage 2B when this stage is defeated, you lose the game.