Rescue Tiny
Roam Across Rhovanion #48 (x1)
2A-B (5)

Urdug's friend, Tiny, turns out to be an enormous Hill–troll. You find him trapped in a deep bog and Urdug begs you to help rescue him.

The 'when revealed' effects of treachery cards cannot be canceled.

Forced: When the players defeat this stage, remove it from the game. Advance to a random stage 2A, if able. Otherwise, advance to stage 3A.

The players cannot travel to the Grey Moorland guarding Tiny unless there is at least 5 progress on this stage. This stage cannot be defeated unless the first player controls Urdug and Tiny.

Illus. Guillaume Ducos
Wandering Short

This quest card incorrectly includes the encounter set icon for Gathering Gloom (a moon covered by clouds) when it should instead include Lost in Wilderland (a cloaked man). The rules insert has the correct encounter sets listed, and this card has been updated to match the rules insert. This error should be fixed in the next errata release.