Rescue the Captives
The Siege of Annúminas#8 (x1)
3C-D (-)
When Revealed: Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck. The first player adds Enemy Camp to the staging area. Each other player reveals an encounter card. Each player at each stage chooses a hero he controls, discards all tokens and attachments from it, and places it facedown under the main quest at their stage.

You've driven back the Orcs, but they've captured some of your companions. You won't abandon your friends, so you follow them to the enemy camp.
Process cannot be placed here while Enemy Camp is in play.

Response: At the end of the round, raise each player's threat by 1 and reveal an encounter card to choose a non-unique enemy worth no victory points at another stage. Discard the chosen enemy.

If the Lieutenant of Angmar is in the victory display at the end of the round, the players have routed the enemy and won the game.