Rescue the Settlement
Trial Upon the Marches #214 (x1)

2A-B (5)

A band of Orcs has launched a raid against a settlement of Thingol's people on the edge of Doriath. You must rescue those who live there from a terrible fate of death or slavery.

When Revealed: Choose one of the remaining set aside objectives and attach it to the quest. Each player must add 1 copy of Orc Raiding Party to the staging area.

Encounter Action: Discard 5 progress tokens from this stage to engage 1 copy of Orc Raiding Party in the staging area.

Forced: After a player discards at least 1 ally from the raid keyword, deal 1 Corruption to a hero controlled by that player.

While there is at least 1 Orc Raiding Party in play, the players cannot defeat this stage. If there are no copies of Orc Raiding Party in play, immediately remove this stage from play and advance to a random stage 2A. If only one stage 2 quest remains, advance to stage 3A, instead.