Ruins of the First Age
The Ruins of Belegost#1 (x1)
1A-B (6)

Setup: Add Stalking the Ruins and 1 copy of Abandoned Mine per player to the staging area. Set Lurker of the Depths, Naurlhûg, Naurlhûg’s Lair, and Sword of Belegost aside, out of play. Randomly select 1 of the 5 remaining Loot objectives and place it facedown underneath Stalking the Ruins (without looking). Shuffle the others into the encounter deck (without looking at them).

You have entered the dark, half–sunken ruins of Belegost in search of powerful artifacts and ancient treasure.

The player cannot advance unless they control at least 1 Loot objective.

Forced: At the beginning of the travel phase, if there are no locations in play, return the topmost location in the encounter discard pile to the staging area.

Forced: When this stage is defeated, if Keys of Belegost is attached to a hero, advace to stage 2C. Otherwise, advance to Stage 2A.

Inside the Dwarven city, you can feel an evil presence stalking you...