Sahír's Advance
The Grey Havens#37 (x1)
2A-B (-)

A menacing ship leads the raiders, its charismatic captain bellowing orders to the Corsairs: ”Kill the defenders!” he shouts. ”Destroy their ships!”

When Revealed: Add Na’asiyah and Captain Sahír to the staging area, enemy side faceup. Each player reveals the top card of the encounter deck. Place resources on Na’asiyah and Captain Sahír equal to the amount of damage on the Dream-chaser. Add 1 resource to each other Raider enemy in play.

Any time players would place progress on this quest, remove an equal amount of damage from locations in play instead. (Progress is placed on the active location before triggering this effect.)

Each Raider enemy revealed by the encounter deck enters play with 1 resource on it.

If Captain Sahír is in the victory display and each location in play has no damage, the players win the game.