Sahír's Betrayal
The Drowned Ruins #93 (x1)
2A-B (-)

In the center of the shrine, reverently placed on a large altar, lies a long black chest. As soon as you get close, Sahír knocks one of the heroes over and grabs it!

When Revealed: Make the set aside Shrine to Morgoth the active location, Grotto side faceup. Captain Sahír flips to his enemy side (removing all tokens) and makes an immediate attack against the first player. Remove Captain Sahír from the game. Each player searches the encounter deck and discard pile for an Undead enemy and adds it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

You dive at Sahír, but he swiftly runs to the entrance, laughing as he seals you in. "Captain?! What about me?" Na'asiyah scream angrily. As soon as the entrace is sealed shut, the walls shudder, and water begins to leak rapidly from the ceiling and walls. "We have to get out of here!" the heroes shout, as the water level starts to rise.

While an Underwater location is the active location, players cannot play attachments or allies.