Searching for Dragon Sign
The Withered Heath #22 (x1)
1A-B (6)

You have journeyed to the Withered Heath in search of a giant Dragon. There you discover tracks that lead you to the cold heights of the Grey Mountains.

Setup: Set Cold-Drake and all four copies of Dragon Sign aside, out of play. Create the Caves deck (see insert) and set it next to the quest deck. Shuffle 2 set aside Dragon Sign objectives into the Caves deck. Shuffle the encounter deck and discard cards from the top until X locations are discarded, where X is the number of players. Add each discarded location to the staging area.

The Grey Mountains are a cold and untamed wilderness where nothing friendly dwells, and the weather is as real a danger to you as Dragons.

Forced: After the active location is explored, look at the top 3 cards of the encounter deck. Reveal 1 of those cards and discard the rest.

The players cannot defeat this stage unless at least 1 Dragon Sign is in the victory display.