Searching the High Seas
The Hunt for the Dreadnaught #4 (x1)
1A-B (*)

The vicious Corsairs of Umbar have been pillaging the Gondorian coastline for months, and rumors are swirling that they've built the most devastating and gigantic ship ever known: The Dreadnaught. Many are suspicious of such extraordinary reports but, if true, the massive enemy is unlike any you've faced before. It will take an equally–colossal effort to take down such a potent foe. No others can bear such a difficult task, so it's up to the heroes to assemble a formidable fleet, and then scour the seas for the mighty warship.

*This stage has a global quest point value of 8 per player among all groups.

No more than 5 progress per player can be placed on this stage each round.

The players can only advance at the end of the quest phase.