Shrine to Sauron
A Shadow in the East#84 (x1)
2A-B (16)
When Revealed: Reveal 1 encounter card per player.

A blood-stained altar to the Dark Lord of Mordor looks to have been used recently. Though the carved stone is ancient, the blood and cloth you find on it are fresh. You search about frantically to find the captive Dorwinions before more are slaughtered.
Forced: At the beginning of the quest phase, each player discards the top X cards of his deck, where X is 1 more than the number of quest stages in the victory display. Each player examines the cards he controls and the cards in his hand. If any of these cards are copies of the cards he just discarded from the top of his deck, he must discard those copies as well.

While there are 4 quest stages in the victory display, progress cannot be placed here.