Stop the Attack
The Siege of Annúminas #11 (x1)

3E-F (-)

You've driven the enemy from the battlements when you hear a commotion from below. Orcs have tunneled under the walls and atack you from the rear. You charge down the stairs to stem the tide of Orcs and block the tunnel entrance.

When Revealed: Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck. The first player adds Siege Tunnel to the staging area. Each other player reveals an encounter card.

Progress cannot be placed here while Siege Tunnel is in play.Response: At the end of the round, raise each player's threat by 1 and reveal an encounter card to choose a non-unique enemy worth no victory points at another stage. Discard the chosen enemy.

If the Lieutenant of Angmar is in the victory display at the end of the round, the players have routed the enemy and won the game.