Surprise Attack
The Sands of Harad #71 (x1)
1A-B (0)

A tribe of Haradrim has rescued you, but their village is attacked by Orcs!

Setup: Set Uruk Chieftain aside, out of play. Each player adds 1 copy of Sauron's Enforcers to the staging area. Move each hero to the staging area. Each player takes control of an objective-hero and adds 2 resources to its resource pool. Remove each remaining objective-hero from the game. For the remainder of the game, heroes in the staging area are in play but under no player's control, immune to player card effects, and their text boxes are considered to be blank.

Damage from undefended attacks must be dealt to a hero in the staging area, if able.

The first card each player plays each phase does not require a resource match.

Forced: After placing progress from questing successfully, each player chooses a hero he owns in the staging area and, takes control of that hero, and exhausts it. Advance to stage 2A.